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Porto Seguro Map

Spots in Porto Seguro



Wreck Porto Seguro - AuroqueiroThe interactive map here above shows touristic and useful spots in Porto Seguro.

Geographic tips and navigation in Porto Seguro

The map shows spots both in Porto Seguro and its surrounding, south of the city (Arraial d’Ajuda) and north of the city (APA Santo Antonio).

Photo - Auroqueiro

You will have to zoom out 2 or 3 steps to see them appearing in the map.

If you want more visibility on the touristic places around Porto Seguro (Discovery Coast and Trancoso) go to their dedicated maps (Trancoso or Discovery Coast map.)

Porto Seguro is the capital of the Discovery Coast and the ideal stop over if you decide to visit this part of Bahia. The touristic infrastructure is second of Bahia in term of importance after Salvador and its bay.

As you can see on the map most of the Touristic spots are located on the ocean side. The city center as well very close to the ocean border is actic and proposes a lot of facilities like administrations, shops, internet cafes and cash dispensers.

The beaches are located close to the large resorts on the east coast.

By day tourists enjoy the beaches that are located further south in Trancoso and Arraial. To go there it is necessary to take the Balsa (ferry) which is located south of Porto Seguro, crosses the estuary of the Buranhem river and brings you to Arraial where you can take one of the many buses or shuttles that serve beaches or can bring you to Trancoso approximately twenty kilometers more south.

If you go North by the Orla then you will pass Coroa Vermelha (Indian Pataxo reserve, selling handcraft) and then less touristic places like Santa Cruz de Cabralia, Saint Andre and Belmonte.

Big Hotels with impressive infrastructures are located mainly in the north coast of the city (Called Orla Norte). If you wish to booRouteCabralBrazilk a hotel room online the best is to locate the hotel using the dedicated Hotel map with thematic visual selections by clicking here. This includes hotel prices and services.

For each and every place with a marker you can click on it and access detailed information from Bahiamap.com or from websites related to Porto Seguro.

About Porto Seguro - Bahia - Brazil

Porto Seguro is the capital of The Discovery Coast and was the first place where Cabral decided to cast anchor when he discovered Brazil. You will have the possibility to visit many places related to this period of history and local people are pleased to remind you that it was here that Brazil was born.

The history of discovery starts in 1500. Pedro Álvares Cabral (1467-1520) is sent with 13 ships to india by King Manuel I of Portugal and leaves Lisboa the 9 March 1500. The map on the right gives some chronology about this adventure (at this time it was rare to succeed and come back from such a journey). The 23 March Cabral loose one ship which disappears. One month later, the 22nd of April the first land is seen; it is Monte Pascoal, a small montain now a protected park with an indian reserve (Pataxos). From there Cabral head to the north, makes a first contact with indians and decides to cast anchor.

The 1st of May Cabral send a ship back to Lisboa to claim what he though to be an island. He will name this Island the True Cross, name which will change to Brasil later due to the intensive commerce of Pau Brasil a tree with red color wood between Brazil and Europe. Porto Seguro becomes immediately the most active port of portuguese colonies untill beginning of 1800.

In nowdays Porto Seguro is famous for its actic nightlife. The busiest part of the city itself late afternoon and by night is the Passarela do Álcool where are located bars, restaurants and handcraft stands.

PortoSeguroFromArraialIf you come during brazilian holidays you will be amazed by the number of events, concerts parties available in Porto Seguro. The party scene is mixed with thematic leisure infrastructure like for exemple the Pirata Island with aquarium or places dedicated to the history of Brazil and its discovery. One speciality of Porto Seguro is afternoon beach dancing with Axé music.

The main spots for visiting the city are located in the interactive map where you can see museums, monuments, discotheques, beaches and leisure centers.

In front of Porto Seguro is located Coroa Vermelha reef with several wrecks for people who enjoy diving. It is possible as well to ask tour operators for various leisure destinations.

The tourism in Porto Seguro is mixed between visitors from abroad and inhabitants coming mostly from Sao Paolo, Rio and Minas Gerais. Porto Seguro is located in between SP and Salvador and has an international airport. The flight connections a numerous; Salvador, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, as well European countries through charters; Portugal, Italy and France. Flights setup from Amsterdam are decided on a yearly basis.

The touristic map below shows the center of Porto Seguro with, in the north, the airport and the bus station, in the southeast the historic center and in the west the ferry to go to Arraial. The airport, the bus station and the historic center are located on the top of the hill. The historical center is now protected as National Heritage and has been restored and is illuminated during the night. You can see three churches in the historical area; Nossa Sra da Pena (the biggest one), Igreja da Misericordia and Igreja Sao Benedito. The rest of the area is constituted of various buildings ; residences, administrations, fortress and a museum.

To navigate in the map ; Click to Zoom in, Drag to Pan or use the Control Buttons at the bottom of the map.

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Nowdays the population of Porto Seguro overpasses 100000 people and has been multiplied by 10 since the seventies.

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